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Oriental Precision & Engineering proclaims New Vision 2015 작성일 | 2012/07/20 조회수 | 4855
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Oriental Precision & Engineering proclaims New Vision 2015


July 2, 2012. Three hundred executives and employees of Oriental Precision & Engineering (“OPCO”) gathered together in the auditorium at OPCO’s Jinhae Factory to participate in the company’s “New Vision 2015” proclamation ceremony.

The New Vision 2015 is about: a) raising the production output by 200 percent every year by the year 2015; b) achieving zero defects and zero accidents; c) becoming number one in the industry by building number one products; and d) successful conclusion of, and “early graduation” from, the workout process by 2015.

At the ceremony, the Debt Consolidation and Financial Management Agency’s decision of granting OPCO a corporate workout program was announced to the employees. Park Sei-cheol, the Director of Corporate Workout Committee, explained before the OPCO executives and employees the current status and progress in the workout program, and OPCO’s Corporate Planning Office has presented new objectives which will help OPCO accelerate the transition into its new business goals. Mr. Suh, the CEO, asked everyone at the ceremony to give everything to achieve the goals by 2015 with a resolute determination and steadfastness.

All men and women at OPCO will resolute determination and steadfastness to achieve these goals.

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Photo: The CEO gives a motivational speech

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Photo: OPCO employees display their support and affection for the company with a shout

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