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OPCO participates in Marintec China 2011 작성일 | 2011/12/28 조회수 | 4424
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OPCO participates in Marintec China 2011


November 29 through December 2 for two days Oriental Precision & Engineering (“OPCO”) has participated in Marintec China 2011, an international marine, shipbuilding, and ship technology fare held at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC), to demonstrate and market OPCO’s products and services.


Marintec China has marked 15th anniversary this year, and for this year’s show the host organization has provided the show floor which was 45% larger compared to the last year’s, making this year’s show the biggest ever with 1,650 participating companies from thirty-one different countries.


At OPCO’s booth the OPCO representatives were busy demonstrating to the visitors the superior quality of the company’s products, and many visitors stopped at the OPCO booth to inquire about the deck cranes and the accommodation work barges which OPCO is currently focusing its strength on.


Yantai Oriental Precision & Engineering of China, OPCO’s Chinese branch, was also at the show to establish a close rapport with the clients in China, and also to raise the brand awareness internationally.

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Photo: Visitors at OPCO booth; the clients being briefed about OPCO products.

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Photo: OPCO booth

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