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OPCO receives an order to build an offshore plant support vessel 작성일 | 2011/11/24 조회수 | 3689
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OPCO receives an order to build an offshore plant support vessel


November 22, 2011. Oriental Precision & Engineering (“OPCO”) has received a US$1.52 million or KRW 17.4 billion order to construct an offshore plant support vessel from BHARATI SHIPYARD of India.


The commissioned support vessel is a multi-function offshore plant support vessel which is used to handle the anchors of the plant, with the capacity to man 150 crew members. The ship can also support the offshore drilling activity, and has a diving pool in the center for deep-sea survey and diving.


Last year, OPCO has completed the deliveries of two anchor handling tug supply vessels and a number of deck houses and hull blocks to BHARATI SHIPYARD. The ship ordered on November 2011 will be built in the Dalian facility by OMI, to be delivered to BHARATI SHIPYARD by December 2012.


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Photo: Contract signing at BHARATI SHIPYARD, November 21, 2011.

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